The DIS4SME project gets underway

The European Project DIS4SME officially started on the 1st January 2023.

DIS4SME focuses on data interoperability as enabler of all the key capacity areas addressed by the Digital Europe Programme. The ambition of DIS4SME is levelling knowledge base on data interoperability, data spaces and data economy to support SMEs in the Digital Transformation and in creating their specific role in the data ecosystem under construction.

The project, co-funded by the EU under the Digital Europe Programme, kicked off with a two-day meeting held on 7th and 8th February in Genoa (IT), participated by all project partners and by a representative of the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).

Ten are the organizations involved in the project, from 5 different EU countries: GISIG Geographical Information Systems International Group (IT, project coordinator), SIIT Scpa – Distretto Tecnologico Ligure (IT), Gaudeamus (SI), Epsilon Italia (IT), KU Leuven (BE), University North (HR), AIN – Navarra Industrial Association (ES), The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Europe (BE), GIM – smart geo insights (BE), National Research Council (IT).

DIS4SME will last over the next 3 years and will provide a series of short courses addressed to SME owners, managers, employees and job seekers designed to cope with emerging Digital Transformation trends and EU data policies framework.